European Vs American Roulette

European Roulette which is also often known As French Roulette has always been pitted against its American counterpart. The argument is usually between traditionalists and modern gamblers where some stay true to the original European version while the others support the Vegas edition.

While this is a decision that you're not too often faced with, when it comes to gambling in brick and mortar casinos, you have the option to pit European vs. American online.

Playing the odds

The odds somewhat differ in the two versions. When you start off, the odds are tipped slightly in the House's favor and figuring them out can be a tricky processes. On a roulette wheel, you'll find 36 numbers which you can bet on. This means that the probability of your number being the winner is 1 in 36. If you bet on two numbers instead of one then your odds are better at 2 in 36 or 1 in 18. Your odds of winning keep increasing as you bet on more numbers.

In the European version you'll find that the wheel has 37 spaces instead of 36. This is because of the infamous 0 in the lineup. When the ball lands o this number, everyone loses by default. This completely throws off the odds and adds to those of the casino.

In the American option on the other hand, the roulette wheel contains two of these 0 giving the casino a higher edge than you.

The Roulette Board

The board too has many more difference was when it comes to these two options. While the American version has the standard numbers along with the 0 and 00 at the top, the European board has an additional track of numbers to the side. This is typically on the right of the board and is full of numbers that you can bet on. These represent bets you can place on the board according to how they are presented on the wheel.

The Euro vs. American choice is often disputed as many claim that there are more chances of winning with the American version. Others claim that the casino edge in European roulette is lower.