Ashley Revell risks everything at a Vegas casino

In what would possibly be the most well-known wager for the past years, Ashley Revell, a resident of Kent, sold his fortune to bet on roulette at a casino in Las Vegas. Totaling to $135,300, he wagered it all in a single spin at the roulette table.

Making His Bet

Right before he was about to place his bet, Ashley Revell was sked if he was sure about doing it, and he promptly confirmed his decision. When the ball was rolled, Ashley placed his chips on the red spot, claiming it was a decision made only at that exact moment. And just his luck, the ball stopped at the slot of red 7, making Ashley win a double amount for his bet, amounting to $270,600.

It is no secret that Ashley sold all his possessions to come up with the amount he wagered. He even rented a tuxedo, which he wore on the day he played. He was ready to bet it all because he wanted to have a fresh start, and he felt that betting it at the table would give him the best chance to start anew.

Sky One documented his big game, and the finale was broadcasted at a later time. It was not shown live because the Wire Act prohibits any wire communication service to broadcast such events in a different state or country.

Finding A Roulette That Has Big Pots

Surprisingly, it was challenging to look for an establishment that would agree to such a large amount of bet. Numerous casinos turned down the offer to host the occasion. The truth is, the original place that was slated to host Ashley's game backed out of the deal a few days before it was scheduled. The team had to scramble to find a new casino that would sponsor the match. Finally, Plaza Hotel and Casino accepted the deal.

Defeating The Roulette

A bottle of champagne was opened to celebrate Ashley's big win. His family was there to celebrate with him. Ashley gave a substantial $600 tip to the courier. A lot of the bystanders wanted Ashley to play gain, but he refused and just took his money back to the United Kingdom. In his interview, Ashley said it was the most amazing experience he had in his life and his first plan is to but himself some new clothes and sunglasses.

Life After The Roulette Game

Ashley Revell used the money he won to set up an online poker site of his own. He named the site He said what he did was only for a one-time thing and he has no plan of doing it again.